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Everything You Need To Know About Demi Lovato’s New Mystery Man, Fashion Designer Henri Alexander Levy

Demi Lovato was spotted leaving rehab and getting cozy with Henri Levy.
Everything You Need To Know About Demi Lovato’s New Mystery Man, Fashion Designer Henri Alexander Levy

Hearts were shattered across the world when news broke in July that singer Demi Lovato was found unconscious in her Hollywood Hills home after an apparent drug overdose. The former Disney star quickly checked into rehab following her OD and has since been privately receiving treatment away from the public. 

Lovato's mother, Dianna De La Garza, confirmed a week ago that the singer had reached 90-days sober and now photos are circulating online that shows the singer is back out and about in Los Angeles. One surprise many people didn't expect from Demi heading to rehab was that she would debut a new man so quickly out of recovery! 

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Demi Lovato deixando um restaurante em Beverly Hills, California - 3 de novembro (HOJE).

November 4, 2018

am I the only one sad and happy that we have this photos, she deserves her privacy but at the same time it's so good to see her happy! Btw she's looking so cute!

November 4, 2018

Demi issued a statement after her overdose that said she needed time to recover and get better. Now the singer has been spotted in Beverly Hills cozying up with fashion designer, Henri Alexander Levy. 

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It's currently unclear when the two began hanging out but Demi has been known to wear Levy's designs in the past, meaning this relationship is probably blooming from a pre-existing friendship. 

Considering that Demi just got out of rehab and celebrated almost three months sober, fans were surprised to find out that she may be seeing someone already. Especially since Lovato's ex-boyfriend, Wilmer Valderrama was reportedly by the singer's side during her treatment. 

Here is everything you need to know about Demi Lovato's new mystery man, Henri Alexander Levi:

1. He has his own brand which is worn by tons of celebrities.

Henri Alexander Levi is the genius behind the punk-inspired brand Enfants Riches Deprimes. The brand has quickly become a favourite among the ranks of Hollywood. 

You may have spotted Levy's fashion on A-list celebs like Sophie Turner, Kanye West, Sophia Richie, and of course, Demi Lovato who has been wearing the brand for years. 

2. He attended boarding school in Switzerland. 

Not just any boarding school, Levy actually attended the prestigious Institut Le Rosey, founded back in 1880. Le Rosey is actually known for being the worlds most expensive boarding school. 

That being said, Levy actually attended numerous boarding schools across Europe, America and even Canada. He told Complex that he never lasted very long no matter where he was sent. 

3. He is no stranger to being in rehab.

Levy told Complex magazine that he has been using drugs since he was a teenager and has had multiple check-ins at rehabilitation clinics. 

The designer's first trip to rehab was at age 15 when he was treated at Visions Adolescent Treatment in Malibu. He would later be treated at Cirque Lodge in Utah and Promises, another Malibu rehab centre. 

4. He is a very private person 

While many of us want tons of followers on social media, it seems like Levy is all about privacy. His fashion label Enfants Riches Deprimeshas it's own Instagram account but the designer himself keeps his own page private.

It is followed my Lovato and 5,801 other people but Levy doesn't seem to follow anyone himself.


5. He created a fashion documentary. 

The fashion designer is known for being an exceptional artist and that extends beyond designing to also filmmaking. Levy created a fashion documentary called Aluminum Tastes Like Fear earlier this year to explore how he balances two lifestyles - one of high-end fashion and the other of his punk art interests.

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