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Everything You Need To Know About Shawn Mendes' Dating Life

All of the girls he's been linked to in the past.

What's going on with Shawn Mendes' dating life? It's a question we've been asking ourselves. The trendy Canadian pop artist has been seen with multiple girls but the majority of Mendes' dating life has remained a mystery.

His own fans have no idea who he's really interested in or if he's dating anyone at the moment. Here's a look at Shawn Mendes' dating life. 

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Shawn Mendes is known as Canada's golden boy. He can do no wrong, which makes his love life that much juicier. For years, he's been super tight-lipped about the people he's been hooking up with. 

Back in November 2017, in an interview with a radio host, he revealed some serious secrets about his sex life. He talked about how he had slept with an older woman (aged 25) recently. He also admitted that he lost his virginity when he was only 16-years-old!

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Around the same time, Justin Bieber's now-fiancee, Hailey Baldwin was caught kissing Mendes at a party in London. They were spotted cuddling and kissing at the MTV EMAs after party. Before that, they were seen together at Universal Studio's Halloween party, out for dinner in L.A. and holding hands at Kendall Jenner's 22nd birthday! 

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It was looking like these two were pretty official.

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Many of his fans wondered if he was ever in a secret relationship with his old BFF Camilla Cabello. Back in the day, Cabello and Mendes used to make covers together. Not to mention, he's toured with Tayor Swift so obviously people have wondered if they ever dated. Not likely though, it seems like their relationship was strictly friendly.

Waaaay back in the day, he was linked to Cameron Dallas, who's now a super famous YouTuber. Mendes has also been compared to Cameron on so many occasions and after Mendes sang a song joking about his beautiful eyes and being his boyfriend, people quickly began shipping them. We're pretty positive it was all a joke, though. 

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For a while, the subject of Mendes' sexuality was a hot topic of controversy. Even though he's previously stated that he's straight, many of his fans continued to question whether or not he was bisexual or gay.

After that, Mendes arrived at the Met Gala with his ex-fling Hailey Baldwin. Fans were sure that they were dating again. But alas, Mendes shut down those rumours and stated that their relationship was strictly platonic.

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More recently, Mendes starred in his own music video with model Lilliya Scarlett. In the video, Lilliya and also her boyfriend got super handsy with Mendes. He's a cinematographer and actor. You can see both of them in the photo above with their hands all over the Canadian pop star. 

For now, Mendes reminds tight-lipped on his dating life. We'll have to wait and see if he decides to make any more information public on who he's dating.