Many of us have the beautiful European city of Amsterdam on our travel bucket lists. 

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Amsterdam has a an extremely rich history, incredible architecture, world class art, and the nicest people. But chances are, if you found yourself on this article, you're interested in a different aspect of Amsterdam. Amsterdam has legalized the purchase and use of marijuana and since then become a hot spot for weed tourism. If you're planning on indulging in everything the city has to offer, here's a few tips you need to getting stoned like a pro in Amsterdam: 

1. Head to a coffeeshop to purchase marijuana. 

Coffeeshops are where you can legally get weed in Amsterdam. There are literally hundreds all over the city and vary in style, what they offer and obviously, vibe. While some spots are equipped with chill out spots, arcade games, etc, others are more of a 'in-and-out' deal. Just make sure that you go to a “coffeeshop,” not a “coffee shop,” “café,” or “coffee house.” Those won't be selling any weed.

2. Buying weed is simpler than you think. 

You walk in and you buy it. That's it. You should be at least 18 years of age, but it's said to be pretty lax on IDs. You should also know that you can only buy 5 grams of weed at a time per person. Oh, and bring cash; many coffehouses don't take card.

3. Know the difference between a 'joint' and a 'pure joint'. 

At most coffeeshops, you can usually buy either weed by the gram, hash oils, or joints. “Joints” are usually rolled with marijuana and tobacco. If you want something without tobacco, then look for what’s labeled as a “pure joint.” No labels? Well, if the joint is priced under €5, then it’s most likely a tobacco-and-weed joint. The pure weed joints are usually between €8 and €10.

4.  There is a weed menu. 

Yes, that's right. Most coffeeshops sell more than one kind of product, and they're all featured conveniently on a menu. It doesn't say much other than the names of the strains and the price in euros, also often saying if it's sativa or indica. I 'highly' (get it...) recommend asking for assistance and explaining what kind of a high you're looking for.

5. Coffeeshops don't sell weed paraphernalia. 

Kinda strange considering it's sold in any and every souvenir shop, but if you're looking to get some weed and a pipe or bong to take back to your hostel, be prepared to make another stop to find your smoking device. Most coffeeshops will allow you to use your own pipes and such in their smoking section if they have one.

6. Make sure it's okay to smoke before you light up. 

Most coffeeshops do have a smoking section, often the whole place is one giant smoking section, but still make sure you're abiding by their rules. In terms of smoking outside coffeeshops, it's actually illegal to smoke on the streets of Amsterdam, but isn't very enforced, so take that as you will. Most hotels prohibit smoking but many AirBNBs are totally cool with it. So when booking where you'll be staying, keep that in mind.

7.  A few more points...

So a few other things to note: coffeeshops don't sell alcohol, but you can smoke in most bars. "Smart Shops' don't sell weed, but they do sell mind-altering drugs like salvia, peyote, and other psychedelics. Most coffeeshops DO actually sell coffee, and maybe even some other snacks.

I think that covers everything... enjoy your next 'trip' to Amsterdam (I'll see myself out now.