If you didn't already know, Taraji P. Henson is finally engaged to her gorgeous boyfriend, Kelvin Hayden. That's right, the incredible actress, singer and author is officially off the market. She just announced their engagement on her Instagram

We all know that Taraji is literally #wifegoals. She's been nominated for 69 awards and won 29! She's dedicated to her craft, she's so hilarious and she's breathtakingly gorgeous. But what do we know about Kelvin? 

Here's a little list of all the things you didn't know about Kelvin Hayden. 

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1. He is known for his NFL career. 

Kelvin played for the Indianapolis Colts, Chicago Bears and Atlanta Falcons. He played cornerback.

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2.  Kelvin is from Chicago, Illinois.

Many good football players come from Chicago. Hayden was born and raised in the football state. He also played on his university team. 

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3. He started playing football at a young age.

Kelvin started playing football when he was young. He started to pursue his football career starting in high school at Hubbard High School. 

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4.  Kelvin was an early draft pick.

Kelvin was selected at the end of the second round of the NFL Draft. He was among the top prospects for the position at the time.

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5.  Kelvin earned a Superbowl ring.

While playing for the Indianapolis Colts, Kelvin and his team earned Superbowl rings after winning the Super Bowl XLI. 

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6. He has been dating Taraji P. Henson for two years.

Kelvin and Taraji have been quietly dating for two years now. Even though she often appears on red carpets and in the news, they prefer to keep their relationship private and out of the media.

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7. Kelvin was involved in a scandal.

Back when Taraji and Kelvin first started dating, Hayden was accused of cheating on Taraji with his ex-girlfriend in 2015. According to reports, Kelvin was still messaging his ex via Snapchat messages. 

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8. He is a father. 

Kelvin is the father of his young son, Kelvin III and his daughter, Kyra. Kelvin proudly displayers he's a father on his Instagram bio.

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9. Kelvin loves to travel.

Since retiring from football, Kelvin spends a lot of his downtime vacationing in tropical places. His Instagram is full of exotic trips to beautiful tropical locations.

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10. He owns a gym!

Kelvin owns a gym called Karpa Deem LLC. It's located in the South Loop of Chicago, in his hometown.

Source: TV Overmind, People.