Everything You Need To Know About "The Four" Season Finale

Last night was the finale of "The Four: Battle for Stardom". If you missed it, Candice Boyd, Vincint Cannady, Evvie McKinney and Zhavia were all competing to win the title of iHeartRadio's "On The Verge" artist. 

If you didn't watch the series, you've probably still heard of Zhavia, who quickly become an internet sensation. She was battled off of the show but thanks for the dedication of her fans, she was brought back on for a second chance using #TheFourComeBack. Last night she didn't have the judges on her side and lost out to her competitors.

Vincint Cannady was another favourite competing in the finale. He demonstrated his incredible vocal range and dance moves while performing "Locked Out Of Heaven". Even though he is super talented, he wasn't a match for the other girls. 

In the final round, it came down to the top two performers: Evvie McKinney and Candice Boyd.

The contestants battled it out on stage and after deliberation, Diddy announced the first season's winner....


This girl sang her heart out and we think she deserved the title. That rendition of "Glory" speaks for itself. I got chills just listening to her voice. Best of luck to Evvie with her singing career! I'm sure the other competitors will continue to make music and follow their dreams of making it big. 

The brand new singing competition series also just confirmed that they have been renewed for another season! 

Can't wait to see who shows up in season 2!