Everything You Need To Know About Zhavia, The 16-Year-Old Singer Everyone Is Talking About

Her voice will give you goosebumps.
Everything You Need To Know About Zhavia, The 16-Year-Old Singer Everyone Is Talking About
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Have you heard of the singing competition show, The Four? The brand new hit show aired almost exactly a month ago on the FOX network. The American reality show offers four incredible singers the chance to battle it out on stage in hopes of achieving stardom.

The show begins with four finalists that must defend their spot in order to win the competition. Each week new singers arrive to try and outperform the current singers in exchange for their coveted spot on stage. Each singer has the opportunity to defend their spot in hopes that no one will replace them so they can win the entire competition!

The four contestants are coached by a seriously stacked panel of experts. To name a few, break-through artist Meghan Trainor, record producer and songwriter Sean "Diddy" Combs and social media mogul DJ Khaled.

As the show progressed, one singer, in particular, has stood above the rest. Zhavia, 16, arrived on stage with a certain style and confidence that completely charmed the panel of experts and everyone watching at home. Not to mention, her rendition of Khalid's "Location" completely stole the show.

After impressing the judges, she was given the shot to battle for one of the four finalist spots! She performed her unique version of another hit, "Unforgettable", and earned a place on stage! DJ Khalid even complimented her on her swag and claimed she already resembled a young icon.

After a week, her spot went unchallenged. It wasn't until another competitor, Nicole challenged her that Zhavia's spot was in serious trouble. Zhavia claims that she was sick that morning but still chose to perform the challenging song, "Killing Me Softly". Regardless of her illness, she outperformed her competitor and kept her spot on stage.

After winning this duel, she was confronted by another singer, Kendyle. Still sick, she wasn't able to outperform her competitor and lost her spot on the show.

You can see in the video above that even the judges thought that Zhavia deserved to stay on the show. The internet went crazy as a result and thanks to the #TheFourComeBack on Twitter, four candidates including Zhavia were given another chance to come back onto the show.

Via Twitter

Via Twitter

Via Twitter

After she returned, she performed "Bodak Yellow" against another competitor, Ash. She won that duel but had to win another to get a spot back on the show.

Zhavia challenged Tim Johnson Jr.'s spot on the main stage. She displayed her beautiful vocal range while performing "Say Something". Both competitors were incredible, but Zhavia came out on top. I'm not even kidding, I got chills just watching the video.

Since winning her way back onto the show, her following has grown immensely online. Now we're all just waiting for her to win the whole thing and release an album.

In an interesting turn of events, many of her followers began comparing her beauty to that of Bella Thorne's. The young singer did not take lightly to these comments and threatened to block followers on her Instagram that were comparing the two celebs. She claimed that she has her own look and style and didn't want to be categorized with others.

Just when you thought the story was over, Bella Thorne playfully responded via video to Zhavia's comments, to which Zhavia responded on Twitter. The whole thing was pretty funny and they both seemed to agree that individuality is important!

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