As sport takes a hiatus due to the Coronavirus outbreak, many athletes have used their platforms on social media to encourage fans to stay indoors and follow safety protocol. Leave it to the former center for the Miami Heat, Shaquille O'Neal being on Instagram to start a new internet challenge of his own. Needless to say, this is some Shaq-shenanigan mischief.

With CDC recommendations to practice social distancing, wash your hands regularly and thoroughly, as well as practice good hygiene and disinfect your home spaces, many may find themselves on a cleaning spree using a certain cleaning product staple — Lysol.

Among other sports stars starting their stay home skills challenges, the big man seems to be letting his goofball side loose today. O'Neal took to his Instagram page to post his own new challenge featuring that very cleaning product that he's calling the #lysolchallenge.

The video starts with a confused and concerned-looking Shaq staring down a can of the sprayable disinfectant, while seated at what appears to be his kitchen counter, looking like he's reading it before he finally smiles and nods like he just had a monumental idea.

The camera slowly starts to zoom in on his face plastered with the huge grin, with the entirety of the video set to a smooth R&B track.

The Broward County Deputy suddenly starts taking a shower with the cleaner, spraying himself as if he were in a commercial where your hair would be flowing as if blown by the wind.

O'Neal starts grooving to the beat with some dance moves throughout the video as well. We certainly wouldn't recommend following in Shaq's footsteps with this challenge at home though.

Spraying yourself with a cleaner could be detrimental to your health from inhaling the chemicals and aerosol — not to mention the potential burn if it got in your eyes.

Shaq can be seen coughing up a storm briefly at the end of the video too, so there's also that.

Shaq's caption also reads, "Everybody be safe y'all."

While the timeline for the return of the NBA season beyond the 30-day suspension is yet to be determined, it appears both members of the league and ex-sports stars are keeping themselves busy while in self-isolation.