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Canadian Travellers Reveal Their Biggest Travel Pet Peeves And Habits In A New Expedia Study

It also confirmed that Canadians are among the kindest travellers!
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Canadian Travellers Reveal Their Biggest Travel Pet Peeves And Habits In A New Expedia Study

Earlier today, popular travel website Expedia released the results of their annual Airplane and Hotel Etiquette Study, which offers significant insight into the behaviours, preferences and pet peeves of Canadian travellers.  In accordance with Canada’s worldwide reputation, the research found Canadian travellers to be above average in terms of kindness, politeness and their willingness to help others.

The study, which was conducted online earlier this year, provided results for Canadian-specific travellers by sampling 1000 random adults who have travelled by airplane and stayed in a hotel or rental in the past year. Canada’s citizens ranked as ‘kinder’ than other citizens of the world, as almost half of Canadians had helped someone lift their suitcases into the overhead compartment.

That said, Canadians are likely used to lifting suitcases into the overhead compartment, as Canadian travellers were one of the most likely to travel with only a carry-on bag to avoid checked baggage fees, coming second only to US passengers.

It was also revealed that Canadians are 4% more likely than the rest of the world to offered to switch their seat so another group of passengers could sit together. Also, over a quarter of chatty Canadians said that they had shared travel tips and recommendations with fellow passengers. This in particular was highest among travellers from British Columbia.

The study also confirmed that Canadians instinctive politeness is often seen in the air, as most reach out to members of staff to deal with sensitive situations on-board. 47% of Canadians indicated they would get the flight attendant to deal with a situation if one passenger was being rude to another, and 52% would politely ask the flight attendant if they could be reseated if they were sitting next to a passenger who smelled bad.

It was also revealed who Canadians felt was the most annoying type of passenger. Narrowly beating ‘the seat kicker/bumper/grabber’, the most irritating person on a flight was ‘the drunk passenger’ with almost 40% of Canadians agreeing that they are the most annoying person on a plane. Other contenders in the ‘most annoying’ competition were ‘the germ spreader’ and ‘the inattentive parent’.

This is really good news for Canadian travellers. That's because it is unlikely, that the ‘most annoying’ person on a flight will be a Canadian. The Expedia results also show that only 6% of Canadian travellers have ever got drunk on an aeroplane.

With the increase in popularity of websites like AirBnB, vacation rentals are becoming more and more common. When it came to rental etiquette, Canadians had pretty strong views about what was considered to be off-limits.

The study showed that 77% of Canadians thought peeing in a pool was inappropriate behavior at a vacation rental, which was a sentiment that was agreed upon worldwide. An equal amount of Canadians also felt that going through personal items of the host was completely unacceptable, and wearing or trying on their clothes was not-ok.

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