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Canadian Customers Are Furious With Expedia For Making Them Lose Thousands Of Dollars Over A Tiny Error

Several customers have stepped forward sharing their experiences with the travel booking agency.
Canadian Customers Are Furious With Expedia For Making Them Lose Thousands Of Dollars Over A Tiny Error

Booking a flight can be a stressful task, and sometimes we're prone to human errors as insignificant as misspelling our name on a form. Unfortunately, for customers booking their travel with Expedia, it turns out that a minor slip up like that can cause irreversible damage. So much so that Expedia doesn't allow you to fix the error, or get your money back. 

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Mo Shahin from Burlington, Ontario learned this the hard way, CBC reports, after he misspelled his name while booking his flight through the popular booking agency. Shahin, like most of us, would have assumed it would be a simple fix but it turned out to be the complete opposite. 

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When Shahin contacted Expedia over the issue, he was told he would have to forfeit the plane ticket he just spent $1,560 on and then rebook it with the correct spelling. All a result of his "request" to correct his name being "declined." Meaning that he was completely left out to dry, only able to recoup $50 of the $1,560 he had spent.

While Shahin did end up getting his ticket reissued for free, it took two long weeks and being contacted by CBC for Expedia to rectify the error. Judging by other customer's complaints, it's clear not everyone is afforded this happy ending. 

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If you even google Expedia when it comes to name error issues, you can find several reviews where customers detail their own experiences where they had to buy an extra ticket to solve the situation:

Via Consumer Affairs

Via Consumer Affairs

One customer left a review as recently as last week, claiming that when his wife accidentally put the incorrect name, Expedia told him that they would have to "pay over $500 to have [her] name corrected. The ticket cost less than $500."

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Clearly, Expedia has a problem when it comes to rectifying simple errors on user's behalf considering on the Consumer Affairs website, the company currently has a 1/5 star rating. Meaning the next time you book through the popular travel booking site, you may want to triple check to make sure all of your information is correct because if it's not, it will definitely cost you. 

Source: CBC News, Consumer Affairs