Experts Warns Canadians Of A Mutant Strand Of Super Lice That Is Resistant to Treatment

Experts warn that super lice has been spreading rapidly throughout North America.
Experts Warns Canadians Of A Mutant Strand Of Super Lice That Is Resistant to Treatment
Ontario Editor

Lice are never something that Canadians want to deal with. Just imagining what lice entail can often send shivers down your spine. Yet, for most cases, if lice are something that you do end up catching, it can often be cured with some over the counter shampoos and sprays. However, last year experts are warned Canadians of a mutant strand of lice called 'super lice' that had started to become resistant to common lice treatments. 

This mutant strand of lice is immune to the pesticides that are in many of the over-counter treatments that you would buy to normally get rid of those pesky bugs. This means that lice have become a lot more difficult to treat and get rid of.  

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A group of Canadian lice treatment and prevention experts from the Lice Crewwarn that these super lice are spreading throughout North America at a rapid rate and outbreaks have become more common throughout recent years.

Super Lice has gotten so bad that a majority of lice cases that are found today often include the super lice strand. Lice Crewwarns that one of the best ways to stop super lice is to take steps to prevent it. 

If you have had lice before,you become much more likely to gain super lice in the future. Lice leave a certain scent in the hair that can often attract more lice in the future, even if you have already cured the previous case.  

Certain sprays are available that allow you to change this scent and prevent you from getting lice in the future. Sprays are a good idea, especially if you work in a busy environment and around kids like at school or summer camps. 

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Another way to prevent head lice is to checkyour family with a professional lice comb. These combs are meant to remove lice and lice eggs, as opposed to treatments that attempt to kill the bugs while they are still on your scalp. 

With hat season upon us, those who are working with or surrounded by big groups of people, especially children, in environments such as day camps and sleepovers are advised to be cautious to prevent the spread of this super lice. 

Source: Toronto Sun

Allysha Howse
Ontario Editor