A thrilling saga continues. One of the latest face masks in Canada is one that plays on the Prime Minister's "speaking moistly" comment. Justin Trudeau just can't escape his choice of words and we're here for it.

On April 7, Trudeau was asked about whether or not Canadians should be wearing masks when they leave their homes.

It was on that day that a trend was born and Canada was never the same.

"It protects others more than it protects you because it prevents you from breathing or speaking moistly on them," the PM said then.

Now, one Canadian is actually selling face masks with the word "moistly" on them, complete with a maple leaf.

The non-medical covering is for sale on Redbubble and the person behind it said it's to help people express themselves even when they can't show their face.

One mask costs $17.38 and its made with two layers of soft polyester with over the ear elastic straps so it fits snuggly over the mouth.

Now you can let everybody know that you won't be speaking moistly on them.

Even if you won't be wearing this particular mask, it's still hilarious to look at and imagine coming across someone wearing one in public.

You can even get the "moistly" design complete with the maple leaf made by this Canadian creator on a t-shirt, a mug, a pin and iPhone case and even a throw pillow.

The person behind this mask also has more products like masks, phone cases and pillows that are white with black text and others that say "my phone prevents me from speaking moistly."

Let's hope this trend never dies because it's hilarious.

This isn't even the first time that Trudeau's words have been used on products.

One company has created "speaking moistly" lip balm as an homage to Canada and the Prime Minister.

Another business made a shirt that says "do not speak moistly on me."

Someone even made a song out of Trudeau's comment and it went viral.