You don't need a spaceship to visit the moon. Factory Butte in Utah is an alien formation in the middle of the remote desert that looks like another planet. The eerie and desolate landscape creates an otherworldly vibe, and it isn't hard to imagine you landed there on a spaceship. 

Towering ominously in the Caineville Badlands in Utah, Factory Butte is a sight to behold for anyone seeking the unique natural wonders of the state.

The ground leading to the peak looks like roots or branches have sprouted beneath the soil, giving the barren desert an alien appearance.

The crevices that reach toward the base of the hill create a mesmerizing space that could easily be another planet.

You can wander across the badlands and explore the strange terrain, or climb the 6,302-foot summit to look out over the vast, empty grounds below.

The area is free to visit, and if you own a high clearance vehicle, you can finally feel what it's like to skim the surface of the Moon.

To reach the butte, you can follow State Route 24 West from Hanksville for 12 miles. You can park and visit the spot on foot, as the terrain isn't ideal for cars closer to the mountain.

The towering peak itself looks like a mix of a Star Wars lair and a dark fantasy volcano, but the views from the top are unbelievable and luckily no shady characters lurk within.

During different times of the day, the colors change across the range, going from reds and orange to deep purples and blues as the sun goes down.

You might be the only person visiting the remote region, which gives it an even more desolate feeling, like what you would expect to find on the actual moon.

As you traverse the unusual terrain make sure to snap some seriously incredible photos to commemorate your time "in space."

After all, it is probably the next best thing to leaving Earth's atmosphere for real, and you don't have to worry about freeze-dried space food.

Factory Butte

Price: Free

Location: Latitude: 38.365881, Longitude: -110.915269

Why You Need To Go: You can get as close to the Moon as you ever thought possible at this strange, remote destination nestled in the desert badlands.


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