Learning new things about famous celebrities can be interesting and fun, especially when it involves humble beginnings or pretty unbelievable stories. Even more so exciting for Canadians to find out about entertainers who were born in raised near them, including tons of celebs who actually grew up in small cities. Here are facts about Canadian celebrities that are pretty surprising and can be used as conversation starters at your next dinner party!

Celine Dion Has A $2 Million Humidifier 

Celebrities generally have expensive taste since they live a millionaire lifestyle but some of the things they spend their money on is pretty incredible. And according to msn.com, Celine Dion purchased the humidifier for her Las Vegas home to "protect her vocal cords from the dry desert air".

Ryan Reynolds Conquered His Fear Of Flying By Filming Green Lantern

When the movie came out eight years ago, Reynolds told Ann Curry in an interview that he originally developed a fear of flying from a terrible skydiving accident. And he told her, "in the film, I'm up on highwires all the time" and that "it was really interesting and really terrifying at first but then I got into it". So he urged himself to get over his own fear!

Justin Bieber Auctioned His Hair After Cutting It Off 

Ah, long live the days of Bieber's iconic shaggy haircut that so many teenage boys idolized and sported too. When he first cut off his hair years ago, he auctioned it on eBay with the starting price of $12,000 and it ended up selling for $40,000 according to Teen Vogue. But rest assured, he donated the money from it to a charity so it was for a good cause.

Keanu Reeves Almost Had A Totally Different Stage Name

You may already know that "Keanu" is a Hawaiian name that means "cool breeze over the mountains". But Reeves told Jimmy Fallon in an interview that when he first got to Hollywood, his agents immediately wanted him to change it. He said that he went to the ocean to get ideas, and he came up with "Chuck Spadina". They didn't like that one so he went back and then thought of "Templeton Page Taylor". But when they didn't like that either, they let him keep his own name, which totally fits into Hollywood today.

Ryan Gosling & Rachel McAdams Were Born In The Same Hospital

It's probably not that mindblowing that two people could be born in the same hospital, but Gosling and McAdams' personal history makes this fact pretty interesting. They were both born two years apart at St. Joseph's Hospital in London, Ontario. And they first met in 2004 to film The Notebook together and ended up falling in love and dating for two years, which is pretty coincidental.

Seth Rogen's Comedy Career Began At A Gay Bar 

According to TV Guide, Rogen took classes for stand-up comedy at 13-years-old and they were located in a gay bar in Vancouver. He still does stand up comedy today, including Seth Rogen's Hilarity for Charity that came out on Netflix in 2018.

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