Ever since Faith Goldy announced her campaign for the Toronto mayoral race, the controversial figure has been everywhere and nowhere at the same time. With many publications refusing to write about her, Goldy took to spamming social media sites such as Twitter, Instagram and YouTube in an effort to reach Torontonians. 

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Since her loss, Goldy hasn't been talked about nearly as much as she was during the campaign trail. Though, the lawsuit she filed against Bell Media during her race regarding the censorship of her campaign seems to have brought her back into the spotlight. For once, Goldy stayed relatively quiet on the subject - that is, until now.

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It was announced yesterday that Goldy had her lawsuit against Bell Media thrown out. As a result, Goldy would be ordered to pay up over $43,000 in legal fees to Bell. This morning, Goldy broke her silence by posting a photo of the Toronto Sun's headline about the news on Instagram.

"Simply put: This is what a Nationalist gets for playing by the rules while daring to run for political office," Goldy wrote in the caption, "Our nation’s institutions have become a sham! They’re trying to make an example of me.‬ ‪Wake up, you’re next!‬" Goldy says she will be hosting a live stream tonight to address the matter.

The lawsuit came about earlier this year when Bell Media decided they would not be airing any of Goldy's television advertisements related to her mayoral campaign. Goldy claimed the move by Bell to ban her from running her ad on CP24 was a form of censorship and a breach of free speech and national broadcasting rules. 

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Bell Media's reasoning behind not running the ads in court was because they had received more than 80 complaints and requests from several groups asking the network to not run any of Goldy's campaign ads. Goldy's platform had become extremely controversial when she announced her anti-immigration stance and support for Donald Trump. 

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Since Goldy's loss in the election, the commentator has gone back to posting YouTube videos and offering her commentary on political situations on Instagram. Other than helping promote rallies against UN, interviewing right-wing figures and doing live streams online, the commentator really hasn't done much than what she was initially doing before she ran for mayor. 

Goldy also got married in Prague earlier this month, which she shared photos of on Instagram:

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While the lawsuit was thrown out in court, this doesn't necessarily mean it's the end of the battle between Goldy and Bell. In court, the judge notified Goldy that this wasn't a court case but rather a situation that should be taken up with the CRTC. Meaning that while Goldy will have to pay up now, she does have the opportunity to reopen to the situation with the CRTC again. 

Source: The Globe and  Mail