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Faith Goldy Is About To Get So Audited

Faith Goldy is facing a compliance audit over her mayoral campaign finances.
Faith Goldy Is About To Get So Audited

Toronto's Compliance Audit Committee will assess Faith Goldy's mayoral campaign finances at the request of the Executive Director of the Canadian Anti-Hate Network, Evan Balgord.  An auditor will be assigned to review Goldy's finances after claims have surfaced that Faith Goldy was soliciting donations from non-Ontario residents to challenge Bell Media in court. Only Ontario residents are permitted to contribute to mayoral campaigns.

The complaint also declares that Goldy's income and campaign donations were allegedly not kept separate from each other since Goldy supports her "political advocacy through ongoing donations from supporters," City News reports.

Balgord advised that Goldy's personal accounts should also be audited to ensure "funds intended for the campaign were used as intended and properly recorded separately from her income at the time."

According to the Canadian Anti-Hate Network, the auditor can access Faith Goldy's personal accounts as part of the audit, and there's a possibility that "the intersection of personal & campaign accounts can become public". 

Toronto's Compliance Audit Committee agreed that sufficient concern existed in the case to evaluate whether the contributions were solicited from outside of Ontario and whether they were kept separate from personal financial accounts. 

Goldy has refuted the claims, and has commented that she personally contributed a legal $25,000 donation to her own campaign to cover legal fees.

She also made a statement that implies Balgord's claims arise from his previous role as a special assistant to Mayor John Tory and his current position at the Canadian Anti-Hate network. As Goldy often does, she took to Twitter - one of the only social media networks that hasn't banned her yet -  to express her criticisms: