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Faith Goldy's Twitter Got Some Thoughtful Responses On Being A Housewife

Discussion about gender roles in society can often be a tricky line to walk. However, a thoughtful discussion about what women choose to do sprang up on Faith Goldy's Twitter account. After the controversial media figure shared a story from the New York Post about a woman choosing to take on a traditional housewife role, people started talking about whether that was good or bad.

Goldy shared her own household role in her tweet, identifying with the woman's choice while also saying that women who have chosen to work have been "duped."

"I make my husband 3 meals a day, I do the laundry & clean the house daily," Goldy wrote on Twitter. "'Spoiling my husband' (just being the sort of wife my mom & grandmother were) is more rewarding than any 9-5 I’ve ever had."

The New York Post article centred around a woman who had left her job in order to fulfill a more "traditional" housewife role. She cooks for her husband, keeps the house clean, and apparently also takes advice from 1950s books about being a proper housewife. The woman in the article also gave her home a 1950s retro feel, which would obviously just be a matter of taste.

While Faith Goldy is not exactly a figure who would be associated with this type of discussion, her tweet actually did provoke some people to share their thoughts on the decision to be a housewife.

Twitter user @ShortyPam wrote, "I honestly think this is such a delicate nuanced conversation. I am single so I have to work cos - food and rent. Many women like to work - they are ambitious- it depends on the women and what they want - but a homemaker CAN BE a feminist."

Meanwhile, Twitter user @AdultToysClub wrote, "If you're saying women should be able to choose the kind of life/career that makes them the happiest, then I agree. If you're suggesting that women should be shamed into accepting a servile role because it should be the most 'rewarding' to them, then I don't agree."

Twitter user @m_fraser1971 took offence to the idea that wanting to work meant she was being "duped." She wrote, "Using the term duped is a regressive statement to [a] woman like myself who worked hard on merit to have a career, but still has time to spoil the husband/children as you put it. For some women life wouldn’t be rewarding if they couldn’t have both career and the spoiled family."

There were also a few men who defended the decision of husbands to be stay-at-home partners. Twitter user @TonyDiBattista3 wrote, "And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, and vice versa husband staying home to spoil wife and raise kids."

It might be important to note that while there was a good discussion stemming from her tweet, Faith Goldy has been banned from Facebook and Instagram for promoting hateful views.

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