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A Canadian Guy Pretended To Be Thor To Buy Weed And The Internet Is Loving It

He said his address was "69 Big Hammer Lane."
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A Canadian Guy Pretended To Be Thor To Buy Weed And The Internet Is Loving It

Since recreational marijuana became legal in Canada in 2018, Canadians have had the ability to purchase weed online. In accordance with the law, online dispensaries are required to verify that whoever is buying their products is at least 19 years old, and a Canadian citizen. One guy tried to game the system, however, using a fake Thor ID to try and buy weed.  

For the most part, verifying ages at online cannabis stores is a simple process and seems to work quite well. However, occasionally, an ID comes through the system that just doesn’t quite seem right. For example, the ID in question, referring to an entirely fictional Marvel Superhero.

While not completely and utterly impossible, it does seem highly unlikely that a Canadian guy from Alberta has the name of Thor Thunder Odinson, looks exactly like the Thor actor Chris Hemsworth, is 49-years-old and lives at ‘69 Big Hammer Lane.’ An unlikely coincidence, but a phenomenal effort all the same.

The sister of the woman who received this brilliant fake ID took to Twitter on Wednesday evening to share a picture of the identification, writing, “my sister works for an online weed dispensary and I’m losing my mind rn.”

The Twitter users who viewed the tweet found it equally hilarious, with the original tweet having more than 33,000 likes and 4,000 retweets at the time of writing. Canadians were quick to respond to the post, as one user wrote, “OMGGGGG I LOVEE IT I NEED TO BE FRIENDS WITH THEM.”

Another Twitter user added, “That is amazing.”

The funniest part of the fake ID for many Twitter users was the fact that the ID was more than two years out of date. Whoever had taken the time to create this marvel-lous fake ID had forgotten to use an up-to-date expiry! Oops!

Naturally, the ID was rejected and the person was denied the ability to buy weed from the online shop. However, the reason given for the ID’s refusal was not because it was using the identity of a fictional character- but because the ID was out of date! Only in Canada, eh?

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