There's been a lot of "fake news" allegations going on south of the border, but Canadians have been happily spreading fake history, at least since yesterday afternoon. 

Trending on Twitter last night and into this morning was #FakeHistoryFromCanada, which started following a prompt from The Beaverton, a news satire site that decided to celebrate the launch of their latest book with some good old Canadian (fake) history. 

Canadians quickly began tweeting out some of their favourite Canadian fake history facts, the favourites of which were retweeted by The Beaverton. 

And the fake history facts were so good, we honestly prefer them to the real thing, like this golden one that we're pretty sure could be a legit fact: 

Or this little-known fake history fact that is more believable than the real origin of Vancouver's name: 

Or this genius answer to the age-old question of what a question mark sounds like: 

And some are so good, they should be implemented as a general Canadian rule, like this one: 

You can check out the full thread of glorious #FakeHistoryFromCanada tweets here. 

Source: Huffington Post, The Beaverton