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Family Feud Canada Contestant's Answer About Sex Is So Hilariously Old-School

Another episode, another cringy moment. Has anyone ever said that before in this century? On a fun night of Family Feud Canada, one Ontario family was playfully teased by host Gerry Dee for one member's rather, erm, outdated response. You don't hear sex talked about much like this anymore.

The Roth family, who journeyed from Kitchener, Ont., to be on the Wednesday, March 5 show, certainly grabbed Dee's attention. And we imagine they caught viewers' attentions, too.

In the short clip shared on social media by the show's official account, contestant Steve Roth tasked with giving his team's group response after they conferred together.

The question? "Name something a short person might have difficulty doing with a tall person."


With all the confidence and support of his family, Roth paused and said: "You know, Gerry, I didn't think it would come to this, but we're gonna say 'making whoopee!'"

Dee seemed visibly taken aback, more by the language used than the message conveyed.

"Is... is that a saying still?" the host asks, turning to the board before the shared promo clip cuts off.

Hmmm, we're not sure we'd describe it as widely-used, to be honest.

A longer video posted by the show after the episode had aired revealed that that answer, translated to "sex" by the all-knowing Family Feud powers, won the Roth family the game.*

The best part about this, though, is probably that the answer was deliberate.

Steve Roth told The Hamilton Spectator he grew up watching the U.S. version of the show in the '70s and that "making whoopee" (spelling variable) was a classic funny answer from those golden days. 

"We said if we get the chance, we gotta work in that phrase," said Roth.

And, boy, we're glad you did.

This isn't the first time Family Feud Canada contestants have made hilariously odd responses, of course.

One contestant was asked, "if Canada Post issued a scratch-and-sniff stamp to commemorate our country, what would it smell like?" She responded with "beaver."


That barely compares, though, to the time another contestant got confused between the Lousiana-style chicken and the spinach-loving sailor when asked what Popeye's favourite food was.

The Roth family's episode aired Wednesday night, but you can catch it on demand. Also, this moment shouldn't be too hard to find.

Another Family Feud Canada cringe answer? Whoopee!

*This article has been updated.

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