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8 Moments From Family Feud Canada That Prove It's Already A National Icon

The hilarious moments just keep on coming!
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Family Feud Canada's Best Moments Prove It's The Most Iconic Show On TV

Despite only coming to small screens in December, Family Feud Canada has already provided us with some world-class entertainment. From painfully incorrect answers to hilariously sweet responses, Canuck contestants have kept viewers laughing throughout the season. That said, there have been some stand-out scenes from the series, and Family Feud Canada’s best moments prove that it’s among the most iconic show on TV right now.

While the pilot season of the northern version of Family Feud is now drawing to an end, the episodes have brought us non-stop laughs since it started airing last year.

For the last few months, the ultimate game show has been broadcasting on CBC four nights a week, and the binge-worthy moments just keep on coming.

From embarrassingly inappropriate answers to cringey songs and crazy roll-calls, the country's families seem to just keep getting weirder!

Several contestants have even ended up going viral for their hilarious responses, and one participant even landed herself $10,000 worth of chicken from Popeyes!

Never prepared to ignore an awkward moment, host Gerry Dee makes the most of every terrible answer, and each humiliating response ends up on the TV show's official Instagram.

While every episode has at least one segment of drama, here are the top eight moments from the first season that prove Family Feud Canada is totally iconic ... 

Moms That Never Did Pot

When this mom was prompted by Gerry Dee, "What's another term for cannabis?" and she answered " ... Vaping?" She instantly became a national treasure.

Gerry went on to say, "You can always tell the moms that never did pot," and the whole country fell in love with Rashna even more.

We adore you, Rashna!

Out With The Old

Marylyn was definitely one of the most iconic characters on Canada's Family Feud pilot season.

When asked, "Name something people replace as soon as it gets old?" Marylyn responded, "A husband," without even missing a beat.

Naturally, the reaction from Gerry, the audience, and her fellow contestants was priceless!


Probably the best and most memorable incorrect response in the history of this TV show.

It's brilliant, not just because the answer is so wrong, but because she shouts it out with so much confidence.

This contestant ended up going totally viral. However, we're sure she got the last laugh when she ended up receiving $10,000 worth of Popeyes chicken!

"Show Me 'Your ...' "

It's not often that the joke is on Gerry Dee, but it's a great moment when it is.

When one family member answered, "Your penis," to the prompt, "Name a body part that never stops growing," Gerry's classic catchphrase became a little more awkward!

"Show me ... 'Your Penis.'"

Search History Shame

This is why you don't take your dad on a national game show.

This embarrassingly inappropriate answer also did the rounds on the internet, and perhaps the best moment is the look of pure horror on the faces of his adult children!

When the board showed that "porn" was an incorrect answer, the contestant simply joked, "Canadians!"

Family Roll Call 

If there's one thing you can't fault on FF, it's the Canuck level of enthusiasm!

This family took their introductions to the next level when they used a roll-call format to greet the audience.

10/10 for effort for the Hernandez family!

Canadian Scratch-n-Sniff

One of the best things about this version of the game show is how nationally-focused many of the questions are.

For example, one family member was asked, “If Canada Post issued a scratch and sniff stamp to commemorate our country, what would it smell like?"

Her “beaver” answer was particularly popular with viewers from across the country.

Ode To Newfoundland

It doesn’t get much more "True North" than this.

This Newfoundland family wrote an ode to their province to perform live-on-air, and it was a big hit

Oh Canada … don’t ever change, eh?

If you’ve been relating to all of the weird and wonderful Canadian contestants on the show, applications for potential future seasons are still open right now!

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