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A Clip From Canada's New "Family Feud" Episode Is So Cringey It's Going Viral

A Canadian was asked, "What is Popeye's favourite food?"
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Family Feud Canada's Popeye Question Has Gone Viral & Twitter Is Loving It

A brand-new episode of Family Feud Canada is being hailed as “iconic” on Twitter after a Canadian woman gave a hilariously confident wrong answer to one of the show’s most important questions. Despite giving the incorrect answer to Family Feud Canada's Popeye question, the clip has since gone viral, and the internet is absolutely loving it.

After making its debut in Canada just last month, it seems the game show has already piqued the interest of thousands of Canadians online.

In fact, following a hilarious new episode that was aired on Thursday night, Canucks on Twitter are already calling the show “iconic” and “the best of the best.”

If you haven't seen Family Feud before, contestants are simply given a prompt or a question, and all they have to do is correctly guess how other Canadians would have responded to that same prompt or question.

Tensions were high for the two competing families on Thursday night, as they were playing to win the grand prize of $10,000

The final prompt of the game was this: “Name Popeye’s favourite food.”

Before host Gerry Dee even managed to finish the question, Canadian contestant Eve Dubois confidently locked in her answer, dancing and celebrating as she did so.

Unfortunately for Dubois, it seems she may have misunderstood the question just a little bit — and the result is super cringey and pretty hilarious!

Dubois proudly yells out "chicken" and moments later, the rest of her family can be seen holding their hands to their heads in shock.

The question then gets thrown over to the opposite contestant who correctly guesses “spinach.”

Eve Dubois can then be heard telling Dee “I thought you meant Popeyes' Chicken!”

Naturally, the internet went wild for the "iconic" TV moment.

One viewer responded to the clip, "I tuned in to Canada's new version of Family Feud and may have witnessed one of the most iconic game show moments I've ever seen."

While another added, "So Family Feud Canada exists, and tonight it gave us one of the most amazing moments in the history of television!"

The moment was so hilarious that host Gerry Dee tweeted about it before the episode aired, writing, “The greatest answer in the short history of Family Feud Canada happens tonight on CBC. 7:30 pm. Don’t miss it.”

Dee went on to add “#Chicken.”

While Dubois may have lost her family the $10,000 prize money, at least she's got Canadians laughing!

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