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Fans Are Ripping Apart KJ Apa For His Shocking Look On The TIFF 2018 Red Carpet In Toronto

Riverdale fans hated his all-white ensemble that had him looking like a marshmallow with spiky hair.

Toronto has been flooded with celebrities following the first weekend of the 2018 Toronto International Film Festival, more commonly known as TIFF. The TIFF red carpet is something that Torontonians always look forward to and this year was no exception. 

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Tons of celebrities made their way to Toronto for the first weekend of the festival. There were ranging stars from A-listers like Julie Roberts, Lady Gaga, and Bradley Cooper, to those new in the Hollywood scene. Not only that, the films that premiere during TIFF can really skyrocket some movies to success, like "La La Land" in 2017. 

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One man who has never walked the TIFF red carpet was none other than the studly star KJ APA, who plays Archie Andrews on the hit CW and Netflix series "Riverdale." Apa was celebrating the world premiere of his new movie, "The Hate U Give" and wore an all-white ensemble that has fans questioning his outfit choices. 

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The 21-year old actor spends most of his time out west shooting "Riverdale," so his TIFF trip to Toronto was actually only the second time he had visited the city. He's previously visited for the MMVA's in 2017. 

Fan's didn't hold back when it came to telling the star what they thought about Apa's fashion choices. Whether they hated the turtleneck, the hair, or just the fact that he decided to wear ALL WHITE literally one weekend after Labour Day, fans truly went to town. 

Wtf is KJ apa's hair at tiff

September 8, 2018

You’re gonna wanna look up this straight Tilda Swinton look that KJ Apa is bringing to this premiere. Pic is too blurry but what the hell #thehateugive #tiff pic.twitter.com/Wx4AYa2oZz

September 8, 2018

Okay I really do love him butI'm getting real knockoff guy fieri vibes from this photo of KJ Apa https://t.co/LgO9Gs5XzC

September 9, 2018

@kj_apa rumpelstiltskin ay pic.twitter.com/pZUtp6ag3L

September 9, 2018

Zoolander + Heat Miser= @kj_apa pic.twitter.com/zGmsEQokjl

September 9, 2018

@kj_apa looks like he’s in a reboot for Zoolander pic.twitter.com/b6yhLNTzYh

September 9, 2018

@tildaswintonworldembedded via  

Some fans compared him to Tilda Swinton and even Zoolander. I mean, we can kind of see the resemblance. But it's all in good fun, Apa definitely knew that his unique look would get a ton of buzz. Good or bad, his fans can't stop taking about him!

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Others were quick to defend Apa's choices, going as far as saying that his look was amazing. Some people even though that it was a really dapper choice to head to his world premiere. 

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@kj_apa is the red headed @backstreetboys that we didn't know we needed. 😍 pic.twitter.com/7WIUxcr817

September 9, 2018

CAN WE TALK ABOUT THISL O O KRIGHT NOW I AM SHOOK @kj_apa 😩😍😭❤️ @TheHateUGive #TheHateUGive pic.twitter.com/vqhO4rigvY

September 9, 2018

My boy @kj_apa 🔥🔥🔥 pic.twitter.com/IDHay4pK6o

September 9, 2018

KJ Apa in a turtleneck?!!! I’m dead

September 9, 2018

As a huge fan of "Riverdale" myself, I have to say that this look isn't my favourite on Apa, who usually looks so suave on any red carpet. I think his spiky hair made him look a little wild, plus the all-white look is a little too Michelin Man for me. 

Whether you hate the white look or absolutely love it, just know that KJ absolutely loved his look, and even captioned his Instagram picture "The boys are now rocking turtle necks." That's all that matters after all!