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Fans Are Saying That Victoria's Secret Only Made Barbara Palvin An Angel Because Of Dylan Sprouse

Barbara Palvin is officially Victoria Secret's newest angel.

In the model world, being rewarded with the title of "Victoria's Secret Angel" is one of the highest accomplishments one can achieve. Women like Candice Swanepoel, Adriana Lima, Elsa Hosk, and Karlie Kloss have spent their lives staying in shape and looking beautiful so that they can wear their famous wings on stage every year. Today, another angel was added to the VS family, but fans are saying that Victoria's Secret only made Barbara Palvin an angel because of Dylan Sprouse.

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Palvin has been modeling since the age of thirteen when she was scouted on the streets of Budapest. She was born in Hungary but moved to Asia shortly after being discovered as she maintained a steady stream of bookings. In 2016, she was named Sports Illustrated's "Rookie of the Year". In 2012, Palvin walked the Victoria's Secret show as a runway model and made an appearance again in 2018. 

Palvin has been dating Dylan Sprouse since mid-2018, and the relationship has gained her even more media attention than she had before (especially considering so many of us grew up with a huge crush on Dylan - obviously we're going to be concerned about who he's dating now). Because her relationship has brought even more press her way, fans are concerned that VS only made Palvin an angel because of the attention she's receiving:

Barbara Palvin likely being the new VS angel is so bitter-sweet. Why did it take her gaining mainstream media attention from dating Dylan for VS to give her more opportunities when she was already so amazing in the 2012 show 💀

March 14, 2019

You wanna tell me that you have Barbara Palvin on once in 2012, then you call her back in 2018 just to let her wear stupid leggings and then you make her Vs angel out of the sudden? She deserves it so much but I have the feeling this had nothing to do with her hard work

March 14, 2019

Victoria’s Secret doesn’t deserve Barbara Palvin you can’t change my mind

March 14, 2019

Regardless of why VS decided to grant Barbara angel status, we're just glad that she's finally getting the recognition she deserves for all of her hard work! Hopefully, the next VS fashion show is a bit more exciting with Palvin sporting her wings for the first time.