Unless you're new here, you probably know that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez used to date. Before he started dating Hailey, actually two months before exactly, the two had reunited and broken up for good. However, some people still aren't over it, and it's not Justin or Selena. Fans are still wanting Justin Bieber to be with Selena Gomez

So much so, that they're not listening to a word he says. Even when he says that he will always love Selena, but he's married to Hailey now and that's not going to change. No matter what Hailey posts, fans will bombard her with comments about how much "better" Selena is. They even let her know she didn't compare to how good Selena looked at Coachella. It's getting old.

It seems like no matter what the couple does, fans will never be supportive. Last night, Justin posted a carousel of photos of just Hailey and captioned it "This is my bean". Can you guess what all of the comments are about? If you guessed Selena, ding ding ding!

I mean, if it's getting annoying for us, then it must be 10 times more annoying for Justin and Hailey. Although they have both addressed it multiple times, even calling out Selena herself, it seems like fans will never stop. You can view the cute carousel of photos Justin posted below: 

What's not cute? The comments. Even though there are a ton of comments telling everyone to stop comparing Hailey to Selena, there are even more comments going the opposite way. You can view them below: 

I have a feeling this trend will be going on for a loooong time. And it's not a good trend. Selena has been pretty much out of the public eye since she decided to take time for herself, and it's definitely working for her. But I'm sure the comments for everyone involved are taxing.