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Fans Ask Kourtney Kardashian How She'd Respond to Ex Scott Disick's Engagement And Her Answer Is Insanely Mature

Kourtney Kardashian was asked this question on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.
Fans Ask Kourtney Kardashian How She'd Respond to Ex Scott Disick's Engagement And Her Answer Is Insanely Mature

We've known for, like basically, ever that Kourtney Kardashian is the voice of reason in an otherwise emotionally-charged family. From telling her siblings how it is to putting momager Kris Jenner in her place, we love Kourtney for always keeping it real. TBH, Kourtney's maturity inspires us. On Monday's episode of Watch What Happens Live!, an audience member asked Kourtney, 39, what she'd say if her ex Scott Disick, 35, got engaged to his current girlfriend, model Sofia Richie, 20. 

Where a lesser Kardashian might have seized the opportunity to talk some mad shit, Kourtney kept her response simple and classy: "Congratulations!" I wish I'd had a tenth of her poise when my high school boyfriend broke up with me two weeks before prom. 

It's taken a minute, but Kourtney and Scott have developed an amicable relationship since splitting back in 2015. Apparently, time heals all wounds—even when that wound is seeing pics of the father of your children partying on a yacht full of models behind your back. 

Following Kourtney's dignified response, Kim, who was also a guest on the show along with sister Khloe, added, "Yeah, we vacation together. It's all good!" And, she wasn't kidding. Despite no longer being in a relationship with Kourtney, Scott is very much still a part of the Kardashians' inner circle. 

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Just last month, he posted a photo of himself on vacation in Cancun with both Kourtney and Sofia. The unlikely trio were seated on adjacent sunloungers. With the wit of a seventh grade boy, Scott captioned the Instagram post: "What more can a guy ask for. THREE'S COMPANY." Cool, Scott. 

So, Kourtney is totally gorgeous, a fabulous mom AND insanely mature?! Will we, as mere mortals, ever be able to reach these ridiciously high standards the Kardashians have set??? Never fear: Kourtney still throws the occasional shade, proving she's human like the rest of us. 

Early in December, Kourtney posted a ~*hawt*~ photo of herself lounging on a bed while daughter Penelope and Scott played in the background. She captioned the Instagram post: "Coparenting." If reports are to be relieved, it totes set Sofia off. Beneath all her sensibility and grace, Kourtney really is a Kardashian. 

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