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Fans Finally Found Shawn Mendes’ “Flaw” & It's Dividing The Internet

There are definitely some celebrities that we see as perfect. Maybe it's their voice, their acting, or just their overall personality. There are people like Beyonce who can do nothing wrong, and then there are teen heartthrobs who everyone adores. One of those people is Shawn Mendes. However, fans claim they have found Shawn Mendes' one flaw

Shawn Mendes became popular in 2013, and he's only gotten bigger since then. No matter what he does, he seems to do it well. Everyone and their mom love him, and it definitely works in his benefit. However, in a Q&A session before one of his concerts, a fan asked him a very serious question and his answer was not the right one. 

During the chat, a fan asked Shawn, "Are you a DC or a Marvel fan?" With the new Avengers: End Game movie breaking crazy records, I think we'd all expect Shawn to rave about the movie. We were wrong. He answered, "I'm not really bothered either way". The crowd laughed and so did Shawn, but people on Twitter are not laughing. 

Want to know how serious fans are taking this? Well, they're threatening to "unstan" him after hearing his answer. That's a BIG reason to stop liking someone. You can view the video where Shawn shocks everyone below: 

After seeing that video, the comments are basically ripping him apart. Fans really did think he was flawless, but they're not so sure now. 

Sorry to break it to you, but like Hannah Montana once said, nobody's perfect! Hopefully, everyone can look past this and just forget it happened. Now we all know that Shawn Mendes did not contribute to the $1.2 billion ticket sales for Avengers: End Game.