Fans Think Harry Styles Is Dating This Victoria's Secret Model After This Adorable Moment

Kid's smitten!
Fans Think Harry Styles Is Dating This Victoria's Secret Model After This Adorable Moment
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It may surprise a few of you that Harry Styles was in fact, not made in a lab by Simon Cowell to screw with all of our hearts. He is a living breathing human that eats and dates and has his heart race, just like the rest of us.


Harry's long-time pal and radio show host, Nick Grimshaw, invited Harry in to play a fun game with a heart rate monitor and some images back in July. Grimshaw flashed many an image in front of Harry, including gross trainers of yore, ex-bandmate Zayn Malik and a briefcase full of cash. But most interestingly, he used a photo of Victoria's Secret Model Camille Rowe (which you can see at 2:40). 

As a Harry Styles aficionado, I can tell you right now this girl is Harry Styles' type. Blonde, lanky, quirky, with a knack for the 70's. Not to mention extremely beautiful. Harry remained calm while her photo was up, but remarked, "I don't know her. I'm sure she's wonderful. I'm sure she's a wonderful person," before he started giggling and cursing his managers. Apparently, Grimmy had asked Harry's management what images might get a rise out of him and Camille was on the list. I'm not surprised Harry was crushing on this girl -  she even loves bananas, which are one of Harry's favourite foods. Just look at this photo. Crush worthy, I tell ya.

I'm sure Camille somehow got wind of Harry's crush because it wasn't long before the two were seen canoodling together in LA!!! Apparently the two went on a dinner date that went extremely well, considering Hazza held her purse which is level-9 boyfriend activity. 

Harry with Camille Rowe back in California-J

September 25, 2017

Whether he's robbing her or just being a gentleman, these two make a super cute couple. Sources claim that Harry is 'besotted' with her, which both makes me happy and angry that no one has ever used the word besotted to describe romance with me. I'm sure Camille will gladly share bags with you, Harry!! 

Paige McPhee
Sponsored Content Contributing Writer, Studio
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