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Fans Think Zayn Malik Is Dropping A New Album Very Very Soon And Here's Why

Zayn Malik's biggest fans have a wild theory that he's going to be dropping new music any day now and here's why...

Fans were quick to notice that Zayn just pulled a Taylor Swift by deleting every single picture on his Instagram feed. If you were following along, after his break up with Gigi Hadid, Zayn posted a ton of moody selfies all over Instagram. 

Via Instagram/ZaynMalik

So fans are wondering if he's been consistently posting photos all along, why all of a sudden would you delete everything? He didn't even leave one single photo behind. But this supports the theory that he has new music coming out. 

Last August, Taylor Swift deleted everything on her feed, even years worth of images before she announced her new album, Reputation. 

In September 2016, The Weeknd also deleted everything off of his Instagram feed, before dropping his Grammy award-winning album, Starboy. 

Via Twitter/ZaynMalik

Fans are suspecting that Zayn is wiping his slate clean before dropping some amazing new music. 

Zayn was interviewed by  The Fader back in February. At the time, Zayn confirmed that his next album already has a name and that he was hoping for it to come out "pretty soon, man, next couple months". 

Maybe he's preparing to drop his music now! 

Source: Hollywood Life