Harry Styles is one of a kind. He has amazing hair, dashing good looks and his fans are obsessed with him. Oh, and his new solo album is amazing. Harry Styles is currently on tour across The United States and Canada. He's currently making his way across into Canada for his show in Toronto tonight. 

On Friday night, Harry had a show in Philadelphia and it went over very very well. He was playing his music and singing when all of a sudden, he did something unexpected.

I asked the security guard if he can take a picture of me and BOOM here she is pic.twitter.com/Z3Ggvs54xw

June 16, 2018

A young fan named Karla Balcazar was minding her own business and watching the show when suddenly one of Harry's security guards requested her large pride flag. As you may know, it's pride month and apparently, Harry couldn't help himself. 

Harry took the huge pride flag on stage while he was singing and showed it off to the entire stadium. The flag is a rainbow with the words "Make America Gay Again" sewn across it.

Harry holding a “Make America Gay Again” flag - Philadelphia, PA - June 25 (via @Ausley_Styles) pic.twitter.com/1AGzMHoUKt

June 16, 2018

Harry held up the flag and then put it behind himself during one of his sets. As soon as he held up the flag and the stadium could read it, his fans went craaaazy!

Holding up the flag may seem like a small gesture in the grand scheme of things, but considering the political climate in the United States and the fact that it's pride month, this small gesture was a huge deal to his American fans! 

Make America Gay Again 🏳️‍🌈 (via https://t.co/x8vwxK8KAC) pic.twitter.com/Rxdnz76KI6

June 16, 2018

Naturally, this moment has been turned into a gif and is now quickly going viral. Many fans are dubbing this moment as seriously "iconic".