Mel Gibson’s “Fatman” Movie Is Looking For Ontario & Quebec Residents To Play Elves

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"Fatman" Movie Casting

You may have heard the news about Mel Gibson working on a new project in Ottawa, but it turns out that you may be able to join him on set. Currently, Fatman movie casting is looking for residents of Ontario and Quebec to play elves in the upcoming movie.

If you haven’t heard of Gibson’s new movie, it’s a Christmas action-comedy in which he plays Santa Claus as you’ve never seen him before. According to Project Casting, this Santa is “rowdy and unconventional” and will be seen hustling to combat his business decline while fighting off a hitman hired to kill him.

Although the principal casting for the film has already been done, Smyth Casting put out a notice that they’re in search of extras for shooting later this month.

In an email to Narcity, Smyth Casting confirmed that they’re looking for “male background performers to play elves (5’6” and under) between the 20 and 26 [of February].”

The casting agency could not confirm whether or not the extras cast in the film will be working closely with Gibson.

The Facebook posting from Smyth’s official page explains that residents of Ontario and Quebec are welcome to apply, although candidates must be male, over the age of 18, have a chest size of 40” or smaller, and be no taller than 5’6”.

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Even if the elves don’t get to work directly with Gibson, the actor has been spotted around Ottawa frequently during his downtime from filming.

Twitter users have spotted the Braveheart actor at the gym, attending mass at Lebanese Melkite Catholic Church, and dining at a restaurant called Eighteen.

Since he’s playing the role of Santa Claus, Gibson has been sporting a pretty awesome beard that makes him almost unrecognizable.

Game of Thrones star Jason Momoa is also in Ontario currently, filming season two of See, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to spot some big names this month.