We'd do anything for our furry friends (or fur children, let's be honest) — cuddle them to sleep, scoop up messes, even forgive them for chewing on our favourite pair of shoes. It goes without saying, we'd also give them the very best quality money can buy. Raise your hand if your monthly treat budget exceeds what you spend on lattes and frappucinos.

Did you know that there are tonnes of ways you can support local while spoiling your little fluff? Canadian made pet supplies, treats, and food are the crème de la crème when we're talking about quality. And when it comes to feeding your pet, giving them nutritious food prepared with premium-quality ingredients plays a key role in maintaining their overall health and wellbeing.

If you're looking for a place to find the widest selection of made-in-Canada pet food and goods, check out Pet Valu stores. Here are 11 locally produced products that'll get your pup's tail wagging and your kitty purring happily. (Psst: some of these are on sale for the month of July, so don't miss out!)

1. Performatrin Ultra Treats & Food

Feed your cat or dog whole foods for holistic health with the Performatrin Ultra line of kibble and treats for all ages and dietary needs. It's nutritious, delicious, and has no artificial flavours, colours, or preservatives. The Performatrin Ultra line is grain-free, meaning you can satisfy your porky pet without worrying about adding in extra carbs. For your feline pals, flavours range from Chicken & Brown Rice to Ocean Recipe (a blend of Ocean Whitefish, Salmon Meal, and Herring Meal) and Salmon Bisque (yep — they do wet food, too). Pups can enjoy the same selection of flavours plus flavours including Lamb Pâté, Venison Stew, and even a Healthy Weight Recipe with Salmon for our husky friends. Finish off a delightful meal with an oven-baked biscuit, a chew, or a freeze-dried treat.

2. Orijen & Acana Food & Snacks

Fuel up your animal adventures with Canadian treats and food for both feline and canine pals. If synthetic preservatives sound like a bad deal to you, the Orijen and Acana lines are the way to go. Trying to keep a chunky dog fitter is easy with the Acana Light & Fit kibble, while Orijen Regional Red will please any fussy feline. A meal wouldn't be complete without a treat, so check our their selection of dog and cat snacks.

3. bluestem Oral Care

Dental health is key to body health and, really, who wants to catch a whiff of not-so-fresh dog or cat breath? Fight the halitosis and tartar with the ultimate in pet biotechnology. The bluestem line of powders, water additives, wipes, sprays, and chews makes oral care easy, even if you have a stubborn pet. Given the choice between a yawn of vanilla mint yumminess or "I just licked a gross thing" — we'd pick vanilla mint every time.

4. Kettle Craft Treats

These handcrafted, kettle-cooked treats have been on the Canadian market since 1996, but in case you haven't treated your pup to Kettle Craft yet, now's the time. Smokey Canadian Bacon, Venison & Okanagan Apple, and Wild Salmon & Sea Kelp will delight the palate of any dog, while Wild Pacific Salmon & Sardine, Savoury Canadian Turkey, and Prairie Chicken will have your cat purring all day. Using slow-simmering techniques and producing little batches at a time, Kettle Craft is made locally in Kelowna, B.C.

5. Dr. Maggie Skincare 

Even your pets deserve a spa day, and you can give them the ultimate treatment at home with Dr. Maggie's line of pet skincare. Yep, even our furry pals need a little R&R. The Paw Protector is perfect for pets who don't enjoy wearing booties. Though watching the mini-bootie meltdowns may be adorable, this salve will get you out the door quicker while protecting them from the elements. Pet supplements help your furball look and feel their best, and the Skin & Coat Oil is just the ticket for preventing hot spots, excess shedding, and more. If your pet has itchy skin or a small wound not requiring a visit to the vet, the Skin Care Ointment can help. Say goodbye to endless scratching.

6. Northern Pet Biscuits

Poutine for pups? Sign us (and our furry friends) up! Honestly, it hasn't been fair to not share Canada's most iconic dish with our best pals, so Northern Pet stepped up to the plate. The treats even look like fries and feature the heavenly flavour combo of gravy and cheese. Oven-baked treats with a base of Canadian barley and oats come in a range of flavours including Pumpkin Pie and Turkey Cranberry (for all the Thanksgiving feels) to Grilled Venison and Craft Beer (alcohol-free, of course).

7. GO! SOLUTIONS & NOW FRESH Food & Treats

The go-to for sensitive stomachs, both lines offer a variety of tummy-taming blends. If grains are the enemy for your pup or kitten, the entire NOW FRESH line is grain free and made with 100% fresh ingredients. Advanced quality and high in protein, the GO! SOLUTIONS Carnivore blend will satiate any meat-loving cat. Feed the hunter in your playful pup with a Sensitivities Duck recipe that contains no grains and minimal ingredients.

8. Bowsers Beds

Function, meet quality. These made in Canada beds are created by a team of top designers with high-memory fibres and Eco-Tex Certified upholstery-grade fabrics. Bowsers beds come in classic Donut and Lounger shapes boasting trendy patterns that you'll actually want to show off, keeping any sized pet snug as a bug in style.

9. Crumps Naturals Chews & Snacks

Gut health is the determining factor for total body health, and these all-natural, preservative-free treats are made right in Ontario. With farm-fresh ingredients and minimal processing, Crumps Naturals are a canine fave. Bring some early autumn vibes to your dog with flavours like Pumpkin Spice (sounds like the perfect PSL pup-date to us). They also have meatier options like Lamb Chops and Bacon. Even though all Crumps Naturals snacks are made with minimal ingredients, their Sweet Potato Chews are literally made with only one ingredient, full of beta-carotene and vitamin C.

10. LitterLocker

Modern minimalist is now an aesthetic you can apply to the least favourite part of your home — the litter box. Canadian company LitterLocker is taking everything you knew about litter and scooping it outta here with fresh looks and innovative odour solutions. With playful designs and colourful options, the days of unsightly boxes are no more.

11. Lovibles Cat Treats & Kibble

Looking for the purrfect treat for your feisty feline? Lovibles cat snacks and food combine tasty nibbles with high-grade protein and essential nutrients. Keep those teeth healthy with Catnip-Flavour Dental Treats. Farmer's Delight Chicken and Fisherman's Catch Seafood kibble are sure to please even the most aloof cuties (plus they come in fun heart and x's and o's shapes). You'll be thanked with happy purrs after seeking out this Canadian product. 

Buying local is about more than just high quality and small-batch craftsmanship. Canadian pet brands support local agriculture and have a lower environmental impact. Plus, it just feels good to support True North brands. With over 589 retailers across 9 provinces, the Pet Valu Canada family of stores includes Bosley's by Pet Valu, Paulmac's Pet Foods, Total Pet, and Tisol Pet Nutrition & Supply Stores.

For all of your pet's nutrition and comfort needs, check out the Pet Valu website or follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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