Now that we've entered the new normal, we can look back on how we got through the first part of 2020. Sure, we may have run out of banana bread recipes, but one thing's remained the same: getting food delivered right to your door is both exciting and convenient. 

From busy weeknights (school's back, everyone!) to lazy date nights at home, every meal comes with a good reason to order in. Perhaps you want to support the local economy. Maybe you want to try out the many flavours our diverse province has to offer. 

After all, B.C. is pretty amazing with its unique balance of rivers and restaurants, oceans and eateries. Spending a day outdoors is spectacular, and what's the perfect way to cap off an excursion in this province's wonderland? An amazing dinner from local restauranteurs. Luckily for us, DoorDash is offering new B.C. customers 15% off their first order of $10 or more until September 30 with promo code NARCITY15. 

Busy day with classes? Somehow scheduled your morning virtual chem lecture an hour before your afternoon bio lab? No problem. Visit the DoorDash website and order in some quick and tasty grub. Try Kekuli Cafe for a Bannockwich in West Kelowna or MeeT on Main in Vancouver for some mouthwatering vegan eats.

Getting ready for Thanksgiving? Let's be real, good ol' Uncle Glen won't be much help in the kitchen. You're heading into two straight days over the stove. Store some energy for that highly anticipated food marathon — take advantage of this exclusive DoorDash offer using promo code NARCITY15 instead and treat yourself to some White Spot

Or, maybe you've just spent too many days in the kitchen (we've all been there). At a certain point, we all end up leaning into that routine of tuna casserole and pasta. Instead of getting into a rut, mix it up by finding your new fave spot to order from. Just open the windows to admire the city (without actually having to leave the house) and wait for your contactless delivery to arrive.

You've gotten through so much this year — you deserve a way to blend the old normal with the new normal. This limited-time NARCITY15 promo code from DoorDash for new customers in B.C. offers you exactly that. From family dinners to quick eats, make the most of this September. Indulge, relax, and eat up! 

Get 15% off your first DoorDash order as a new customer in B.C. using promo code NARCITY15 until September 30. Stay in the loop by following them on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

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