In life, there are many simple joys. Think long walks on the beach, impromptu Instagram scrolls, and shopping—lots and lots of shopping. 

Seriously, give me a credit card and just two hours, and you can bet I'll do some serious damage (in the best possible way, of course). 

And when shopping meets culture and community, you can bet I love partaking in one of my fave pastimes that much more. 

Take, for example, Dixie Outlet Mall. With over 120 stores, Dixie Outlet Mall is pretty much a shoppers paradise. Like, forget about vacaying in the tropics—we'd rather be out of office at Dixie, 'cause honestly that's just how much we love 'em. 

And what makes Dixie that much cooler is that they're all about supporting their community and celebrating diversity. Hells yeah. 

This year, Dixie Outlet Mall is sponsoring Carassauga. Kicking off May 4th with a paradeand cultural performances, this free preview event from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm is a sneak-peek of what to expect at the festival. Carassauga is the largest multicultural festival in Canada. That's right — the largest!

Last year, this 3-day, 22-hour event featured over 32 countries, 190 artisans, and 944 performances. Basically, that's us saying that Carassauga is gonna be way lit!

Not only is Carassauga all up on that fun factor, it's also a non-profit, volunteer-run initiative that makes it the place to be the weekend of May 4. Oh, and other than performances and general good vibes... there's lots and LOTS of food from tons of different cultures!

Advanced admission is just $10 and at-door admission is $12. Each gives you unlimited entry into all 12 festival locations, unlimited visits to the cultural pavilions, and access to all performances. 

So why not experience the best of Sauga's diversity and foodie scene at Carassauga and start it off with a bang at the parade event on May 4th!

Find out more about Carassauga here, and check out Dixie Outlet Mall on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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