Conservatives Said Andrew Scheer Won The Debate & The Responses Have Been Fierce

Once again the Conservatives claim Scheer is the winner of a debate without proof.
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Conservatives Said Andrew Scheer Won The Debate & The Responses Have Been Fierce

Debates are sure to bring all sorts of drama and odd moments and what happened right as the debate ended was no different. The Conservative Party is claiming that Andrew Scheer won the debate and are sticking by that statement. But despite what the Conservatives say, the federal leaders' debate winner isn't so clear.

The Conservative Party has declared Scheer the winner of the debate once again, but people were quick to respond with their own interpretations. 

The same declaration was made after the French-language TVA debate on October 2 with the party asking Canadians in a tweet if they want to have four more years of Justin Trudeau or have Scheer "make life more affordable and sock some dingers." 

The tweet was also accompanied by a picture of Scheer with a baseball bat saying he "hits a home run in Montreal, wins TVA debate." 

And similarly, with both the TVA debate and the federal leaders' debate, the Conservative Party was quick to post on Twitter that Scheer was the winner. 

For the federal leaders' debate the party posted at 9 p.m. ET, the exact time the debate ended, and for the TVA debate the party tweeted out its declaration seven minutes after the debate ended. 

The tweet for the most recent federal leaders' debate said: "Andrew Scheer is the only leader that can be trusted to help you and your family get ahead."

And on October 8 the party posted a tweet with the same text and a gif of Scheer and newspaper clippings that don't say Scheer won the debate but only say that he was "on offence" and showed "his fire." 

Despite the Conservative Party's declaration, there has been a lot of analysis that nobody actually won the debate and that it was mostly just the leaders talking over each other and throwing insults around. 

When people saw the Conservative Party's tweet about Scheer winning they were quick to respond and call out the party. 

Even though there's talk of the debate having no clear winner, NDP leader Jagmeet Singh garnered considerable attention on Twitter and it was mostly positive. 

According to Global News, "only Singh ended the night in net-positive territory."

With another debate following soon after this one, we'll just have to wait and see if it gets the same response from the Conservative Party about Scheer's performance.

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