The Guy Who Fed A BC Bear Timbits Got Banned From Bears & Fined $2,000 (VIDEO)

Yeah, that was not a good idea for so many reasons.
Feeding Bears Timbits

How do you help kids get through a long car trip in Canada? Just throw a box of Timbits in the backseat, they'll probably calm down and be pretty happy. The same can probably not be said about feeding a bear Timbits, which can result in a much worse situation than some kids who are all jacked up on sugar. There's a reason why it's illegal, and why one Canadian man is being fined $2000 for doing it.

Randy Scott, a 31-year-old B.C. man, had previously posted photos on his Facebook back in 2018 where he could be seen feeding everyone's favorite Canadian snack to a wild grizzly bear. Along with his fine, he was also ordered to stay 50 metres away from any bears for the next six months (which seems less like a punishment and more like common sense).

Anyone hoping to make a new friend out of a bear by feeding them Timbits should think twice about getting anywhere close to them, especially this year. According to the BC Conservation Officer Service, the number of bear attacks have risen dramatically this year to one third higher than they were previously.

Canadians have been getting bolder when it comes to approaching bears. This year, officials at Jasper National Park had to suspend their bear sighting report from their website, as they felt too many people were approaching the animals for photos.

In one instance, a woman ended up being chased by a black bear after getting too close and trying to take a selfie with it. Luckily, she was able to get away.

The reality here is that no matter how great the photo might be, and no matter how many likes it might get, it's just not worth getting too close to a wild animal, especially one as dangerous as a bear.

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