Provinces and cities in Canada have snitch lines for calling out your neighbour who's failing to follow health guidelines during COVID-19. In B.C., someone took things into their own hands when they probably should have called the snitch line like everyone else. In Victoria, police responded to a call that there was a reportedly a fight over self-isolation at an apartment building where someone pulled a fake gun.

Victoria police told Narcity they were called to an apartment building on Fisgard Street Around 8 p.m. on Friday, April 3.

According to police, they were responding to a report of a confrontation. The caller had said that some people in the building had COVID-19 symptoms.

"A resident of the building confronted other residents in the building not following social isolation protocols," said police. The caller also said that during the fight, someone had produced a firearm.

When they got there, police evacuated part of the building and took their suspect into custody without incident and there were no injuries reported. They also seized two replica firearms.

Instead of confronting your non-social distancing neighbour, Victoria Police recommends phoning the city's bylaw services instead at 250-361-0215 or email at

In B.C., if you've come down with COVID-19 symptoms like a fever or cough, or recently came in contact with a confirmed COVID-19 case, the province says you should stay at home for 14 days.

Canada has been recommending and enforcing social distancing and self-isolation, but there are always those who don't follow the rules.

For example, just across the water from Victoria in Vancouver, the city took forever to get the social distancing memo and people were partying and crowding parks and beaches.

In some provinces, snitch lines are getting flooded with calls. In fact, when Alberta installed a line for people to tattle on people for not social distancing, they got thousands of calls.

But despite all the bumps, more people seem to be falling in line. Sure, the government had to threaten huge fines, but at least people are finally following the rules.