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A First Look Of Texas's High Speed Train Shows Spacious Seating

There are many great things about the Lone Star state and we all know "everything's bigger in Texas." This, unfortunately, means that it can take a whole day to get from one side of Texas to the other, and getting from major city to major city is a pain. However, a first-look at Texas's high-speed train shows that fast travel is coming soon and we are excited just seeing its projected interior.

Texas Central Railroad's high-speed train has been in talks for years. We've heard about the potential of getting a train that would bridge major Texas cities and cut down the drive-time from more than half of what it takes in a car.

And it looks like that idea is actually going to be a reality because construction could start as early as this year

The new train would be able to cut down travel times dramatically, shortening a typical 4.5-hour journey to less than 1.5 hours.

Texas Central just put out a first look of what the interior will look like and you know it had to be Texas-sized.

There will be no middle seat (which are the literal worst), just plenty of rows of two seats. There's also going to be plenty of legroom with nearly a whole foot more than coach airline seats. 

[rebelmouse-image 25970172 photo_credit="Texas Central | Official Website" expand=1 original_size="414x691"]

With more legroom, that means there's more space to recline and no need to ask those next to you to move so you can get up to go to the bathroom. 

Instead, you can just get up and walk down the wide Texas train's aisle without bothering anyone.

Texas has beautiful landscapes, and the train will allow you to take them all in on your exciting trip across the state. You'll get to kick back and enjoy the views out of the large train windows that are twice the width of an airplane window and have an extra six inches of height.

Now your trips from city to city can be fast and completely enjoyable! 

The train's route is going to have stops in Houston, Dallas, and Brazos Valley, bridging the three areas together and making the commute a breeze, and now we know it'll be comfortable too.

Though the high-speed train may not be completed for quite some time, we are excited to see the great potential that Texas holds for making that fast travel come to life.

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