A new subscription service from Fitbit is about to come out. The service will give users customized health, fitness and sleep insights and programs. Fitbit Premium in Canada is launching in September. 

Fitbit Premium will be available acorss Canada when it rolls out in next month. But for now it will only be available in English. A French language version of the service will come out in 2020. 

This new service will give users personal insights into their health and fitness thanks to over 10 years of Fitbit data and the help of medical and academic experts. Premium will also feature coaching, new workouts and health reports.

"Premium gives Canadians access to a range of tools tailored to them, based on their fitness level, goals, historical data, preferences and schedule," James Park, Co-Founder and CEO at Fitbit told Narcity. 

The service will cost Canadians $13.49 a month or $106.95 for the entire year and will be available to buy through the Fitbit app. The program will also run exclusively through the app.

The service will also have nine guided health and fitness programs: 

  • Intro to Healthy Habits
  • Get More Zzz’s
  • Habits for Restful Sleep
  • Get Active
  • Beginner Running
  • Run Training
  • Understand Calories
  • Kick Your Sugar Habit
  • Kick Your Salt Habit

And more programs will be introduced by the end of this year to give people more options regardless of their fitness level or health journey.

"With Fitbit Premium, we’re excited to deliver our most personalized experience yet. It will evolve with you and get smarter over time, delivering the support and guidance you need to help you achieve your health goals," said James Park, co-founder and CEO of Fitbit, in a press release.

Fitbit is really touting the sleep aspect of Premium, stating that the service "gives you deeper insights into your sleep along with personalized tools and guidance to help you achieve longer, more consistent and higher quality sleep".

Premium will be available for purchase to Fitbit users and all Fitbit users are eligible for a seven day free trial of the service. 

The exact date for the roll out of Fitbit Premium isn't known but it will definitely be in September.

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