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A New $499 Pass Lets You Take Unlimited Flights Around Canada This Spring

It's time for a Canadian adventure!
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A New $499 Pass Lets You Take Unlimited Flights Around Canada This Spring

If you’ve always dreamed of exploring Canada, but can't stretch your budget enough to cover all of the flights, this could be just the thing you need. A new service just launched that lets you fly to cities around the country for one set price. The Flair Airlines’ Go Travel Pass lets you take unlimited domestic flights between February and May 2020.

The pass itself costs $499. There are only a few blackout dates, including Fridays and Sundays. Otherwise, you're free to fly across Canada as you please for three whole months.

However, for a $200 upgrade, there’s also a pass that has absolutely no blackout dates or restrictions.

Between February 13 and May 13, 2020, Canadians will be able to take as many domestic flights as they want with the Go Travel Pass.

Although the ticket price excludes taxes, fees and luggage, it’s an incredible offer for anyone who wants to explore this wonderful country on a budget.

The destinations available with the Go Travel Pass package include:

  • Vancouver 

  • Abbotsford 

  • Kelowna 

  • Edmonton 

  • Calgary 

  • Winnipeg 

  • Toronto

In a statement on Wednesday, the company explained, “Whether you are a student who needs to visit home, a small business owner on a budget, a family needing to connect or an adventure seeker looking for your next thrill; all Canadians deserve to travel without hesitation.”

The message continued, "This pass is for the people and speaks to our mission of making air travel more accessible, affordable and desirable for all."

According to Flair Airlines’ website, using the Go Travel Pass is simple. Once you’ve purchased the ticket, you’ll receive an email with a pass holder number, and you’ll be able to use this to book all of your upcoming flights.

Pass holders will be able to manage their bookings 24/7 through the site. They can also purchase add-ons such as carry-on bags, checked bags, seat selection and priority boarding.

Flair Airlines' Go Travel Pass

Sale Price: $499 or $699

Why You Need It: This is the perfect opportunity to start exploring Canada without breaking the bank!

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    Helena Hanson
    Trending Editor
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