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Canadian Airlines Are Canceling And Rescheduling Flights Because Of Hurricane Dorian

More than 1,000 flights have been cancelled globally!
Canadian Airlines Are Canceling And Rescheduling Flights Because Of Hurricane Dorian

Some Canadian airlines are taking measures to ensure passenger safety in the eastern U.S. and the Bahamas because of Hurricane Dorian. Flight cancellations and rescheduled flights to the affected areas are being put forth by airlines in response to the hurricane. Airlines are warning Canadians to check their flight statuses if heading into the hurricane. 

As the status of the hurricane worsens, more than 1,000 flights from around the world were canceled today in order to avoid the area. Some of these flights that were canceled were Canadian. 

Canadians are being impacted by Hurricane Dorian as two airlines are either canceling flights or giving people the option to rebook flights to the affected areas that are still scheduled to fly there.  

A WestJet operational update states that "As of September 1, WestJet will not be taking any more guests to/from Fort Lauderdale until it is safe to resume flying."

The airline states that it will be monitoring the path of Hurricane Dorian closely and make the necessary changes to ensure safety.

There will also be no WestJet employees at the Fort Lauderdale and Orlando airports which will affect travel until Sept. 5. Though there is no exact date as to when flights will resume to the area.

People who are already in Florida and looking to get out of Fort Lauderdale before any impacts of the hurricane can be felt are not happy that they're essentially stuck there. 

Air Canada is offering passengers free flight rescheduling if they don't want to travel to the areas in Florida and Georgia that could be affected by the hurricane.

In a update about the storm, Air Canada stated that "we understand that you may want to make alternate travel arrangements."

The same is being done for the Bahamas, the Dominican Republic, and the Turks and Caicos Islands. 

If you want to reschedule your trip to Florida or Georgia, your original flight has to be scheduled for travel between Aug. 30 and Sept. 6 and also have to choose another date to fly that is before Sept. 14.  

There have been no mass cancellations of flights to the areas of the U.S. by Air Canada as of yet like WestJet has done.

People aren't happy about that, stating that the risk is too high.

According to the CBC, Freeport-Grand Bahama International Airport is submerged in water from the hurricane and the airport further south in Nassau is operational.

The government of Canada has issued a travel advisory for Canadians to avoid all travel in the possible affected areas in the U.S. and where the hurricane has already hit in Grand Bahama and the Abacos Islands in the northwestern Bahamas.

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