With the cold weather hitting the province, Quebecers can only dream of getting away from the freezing temperatures and setting their sights on sunny Nevada. If you pay $243 you can grab flights from Montreal to Las Vegas in the New Year. 

Travellers can grab deals for locals who want to get away and enjoy the sunshine in Sin City. Grab a suitcase, your cutest clothes and get ready for the perfect vacation in 2020. 

Several dates are available in January and February. The early months of the year tend to be the chilliest in Quebec, so this is a great time to escape the cold.

If you love hot weather, gambling, drinks, nightlife and endless shows, then Las Vegas is the perfect winter getaway destination. 

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Yulair posted about the deal a few days ago on their Facebook page. At the time, flight deals were as low as $238, now they've gone up a tiny bit. 

To cash in on this cheap deal, all you have to do is go to Google Flights and plug in some of the available dates. Right now, You can leave on January 29 and return on February 4, and your flight would cost $243.

If you leave on February 5 and return on February 11, your flight would cost $243.

If you're open to a lengthier vacation, you could leave on January 29 and come back on February 11 for the same price.

Travelling to Vegas on February 11 and returning on February 25 would only cost $254. Students looking to get away during reading break would love this option.

A reminder that most of these flights do have one stopover in various cities.

To find flights from Montreal to Las Vegas, click here.

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