You Can Rent "Floating Cabins" On This Beautiful Oklahoma Lake

This is an awesome getaway!
You Can Rent "Floating Cabins" On This Beautiful Oklahoma Lake

I'm sure we've all seen those photos of the villas over the water in Bora Bora. The wooden homes that seem to be floating on the waves are gorgeous and definitely seem like a nice place to stay. But did you know you can also find these floating cabins on an Oklahoma lake? You can take the ultimate relaxing getaway and not even have to leave your home state!

Lake Murray Floating Cabins on Lake Murray, Oklahoma is the getaway you need to go on ASAP. You can plan for the most romantic weekend with your partner or fun-filled week with your family.

The "floating" cabins are so spread apart on top of the water, you'll feel like you've escaped into nature with no one else around.

The floating cabins come with all types of great amenities such as living rooms with stunning panoramic views of the water and the beautiful wildlife surrounding it.

It also has vaulted ceilings, an upstairs loft fit for sleeping comfortably, and so many relaxing spots to watch nature from. 

Walk out on one of their expansive balconies to sip on your coffee and enjoy the morning sunrise

You won't need to worry about having to "rough it" out in the wild since the cabins all come with full kitchens with all essential amenities, full bathrooms with showers, and tons of indoor space.

The floating cabins come in different styles. The Atrium lodge can hold up to 18 people for those with big parties. Dockaminiums and Villas are smaller but are still very roomy and comfortable, being able to hold up to eight guests.

The West Cottage and the Pods hold four people, making that space much more cozy and romantic — and cheaper, from $210 to $330 a night.

Rooms must be booked on a multiple day basis, and rates vary based on how many days you would like to stay. You can check out all of their rates here.

The Villas and Gazebo are located at Tranquility Point. The Atrium, Cottages, and Dockaminiums are located on the peninsula north of Lake Murray Lodge.

There are two restaurants and a golf course very close by for some added fun, plus your boat, jet ski, or other water vehicles can go straight up to your doorstep.

Lake Murray Floating Cabins

Price Per Night: $190+ per night

Address: 3323 Lodge Rd., Ardmore, OK

Why You Need To Go: To experience the beauty of Oklahoma nature in a way that is totally unique. You will feel like you've escaped into a storybook.

These prices and terms of occupancy are confirmed at the time of publishing, but they can change at any time.