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This Is Not A Drill: Florida Just Got A 24-Hour Pizza ATM

It's never a bad time for pizza.
You Can Now Order From A 24 Hour Pizza ATM At This Florida Spot

College students and self-proclaimed adults alike can attest to the distracting unrest that the midnight munchies can cause. But no longer will you have to shuffle to the fridge only to stare at its bright, empty contents—now, when the cravings hit you late at night, you can just order a pizza from Florida’s new pizza ATM!

The future is upon us with this new technological feat that we never knew we needed. While it’s been a thing in Europe for the last 15 years, The University of North Florida just installed this beauty for the convenience of all its campus goers.

Last year, Ohio State University jumped on the brilliant idea and installed one at their own campus, and UNF swiftly followed suit. After all, it’s never a bad time for pizza.

The ATM features an interactive touch screen, where you can order a frozen pizza and add toppings to it. The machine holds up to 96 pieces in a cold storage space behind the interface, and a robotic arm places it in a convection oven where it cooks for about three minutes.

The pizza is then placed in a box and released to the customer.

The brand has only been around in the U.S. for three years but has a proven track record of dependability with over a decade of use in Europe.

Taste and quality are important to the company, as well as hygiene. They assure customers that the ingredients never touch any part of the machine.

This is a perfect addition to the world’s 24/7 on-demand market and is perfect for high volume places like convenience stores, office buildings, and of course, colleges.

Now might not be a bad time to pitch the idea to your supervisor!

If you’re unsure whether you want to make such a commitment to this machine, you can even rent them out via their website. We hope that if the new ATM is a success at UNF, we can start seeing more 24-hour pizza machines popping up all around Florida.

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