6 Florida Airbnbs Perfect For A Secluded Solo Retreat

Time for me, myself, and I.
Lido Tiny House. Right: Treehouse At Danville.

Lido Tiny House. Right: Treehouse At Danville.

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If you're yearning for some much-needed alone time, there are some Airbnbs in Florida that can give you just that.

This pandemic has been hard on a lot of people, and it might be the time for you to unplug and carve out some space for you to get reacquainted with yourself.

So here are six unique locations with a secluded feel that creates that private and relaxed atmosphere that you've been looking for.

The Tiki Suite

The Tiki Suite.

The Tiki Suite.

Tiki Suites | Airbnb

Price Per Night: $649

Location: Key West

Why You Need To Go: Vacation dreams are made of floating tiki huts, and this one is perfect for travelling solo along Key West's warm blue ocean waters.

Rum Island Cabin

Rum Island Cabin.

Rum Island Cabin.

MaryAnn and Dave | Airbnb

Price Per Night: $85

Location: Fort White

Why You Need To Go: Plan a trip for yourself at this secret cabin conveniently located near a gorgeous spring. This is the ultimate relaxing spot for some me-time surrounded by nature.

Cozy And Charming Cottage

Cozy and charming cottage.

Cozy and charming cottage.

Paola | Airbnb

Price Per Night: $100+

Location: Miami

Why You Need To Go: Quit noisy Miami Beach for a change and relax at this hidden cute cottage for a lazy escape with drinks by the pool and a backyard tiki hut.

Glamping with Alpacas

Glamping with Alpacas.

Glamping with Alpacas.

Jennifer | Airbnb

Price Per Night: $75

Location: Lee

Why You Need To Go: Camp in a tent at an Alpaca Farm? Well, this rental in Florida it's pretty much like a dream come true for wanderer animal lovers. It is also surprisingly affordable.

Treehouse At Danville

Treehouse At Danville.

Treehouse At Danville.

Dan and Deborah | Airbnb

Price Per Night: $230

Location: Geneva

Why You Need To Go: This treehouse combines a stunning natural setting with modern amenities. It even has a tree trunk elevator!

Lido Tiny House

Lido Tiny House.

Lido Tiny House.

Sita | Airbnb

Price Per Night: $98

Location: Sarasota

Why You Need To Go: Get away from the world and escape to your tiny cabin. You can stay inside and finish that book, or kick back in the hammock while enjoying the garden.

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This article has been updated since it was originally published on March 20, 2020.