Next week will bring an otherwordly event to southern skies. Three planets will align from May 11-14 and you can witness them in the fading moonlight. Witness one of the most dreamy Florida celestial events as Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars float through the sky. It's a must-see for all you astronomers and stargazers out there.

You can begin looking for these cosmic wonders early on Monday morning and throughout the week as they continue to linger, according to EarthSky. Before sunrise, glance up at the waning moon to start your search.

Each one has distinctive qualities you can use as an identifier. Remember, Jupiter is the brightest of the three, Saturn has rings and a golden glow, and Mars, well, is red. 

The planets will appear to glide across the sky, slightly shifting around the moon. Try to spot these roaming worlds as they drift lazily among the stars over the week. 

For the best view, find a spot away from city lights to gaze at the heavens. Pack a picnic blanket and snack on Marshmallow Moon Oreos or Mars Bars for this special occasion. 

A telescope will enhance the event even more. If you have one lying around, it's time to break it out for this enchanting cosmic occurrence. Binoculars will work, too. 

This isn't the first time these planets have graced us with their presence. Back in April, the three appeared to "dance around the moon," leaving stargazers in awe.

If you're craving more stardust, you should put the upcoming summer meteor shower on your celestial bucket list, or find an ultra-dark spot to gaze at the galaxy

Wait until morning, and see if you can spot these distant worlds glowing by the moon. Witnessing the planets in the night sky is something you won't soon forget.