Meme culture has taken the internet by storm in recent years, and they’ve technically be around for way longer than most people probably realize (the term itself was coined in 1976). What started as simple comedic images to convey certain feelings and moods has developed into a deeply layered portrayal of obscure references. And then there are just the simple, funny ones like these driving in Florida memes that are super relatable.

You know the one, where you title your head back, laugh, and cry, “That’s me!!” We pretty much reacted the same way, too. So, enjoy this list of hilarious and relatable Florida driving memes!

Driving in Florida is like fighting in the Battle of Thermopylae everyday

We're not even sure if Spartans could last in this struggle.

Can we convince Mexico to finish 1-4?

Either every construction worker on this project as some serious procrastination issues, or something's up with our funding.

Florida drives are chronic mutineers

Are we all just under some kind of curse?

It's not wrong though

Anyone who has traveled on these interstates knows what it's like...

Oven mitts aren't just for baking in Florida

The snowbirds are coming.

Brace yourselves.

Driving in Florida definitely just one of those things you have to experience yourself to truly understand. Clearly, the people who conducted this study saying Florida has some of the best drivers did not do this. And if you're wondering what the rest of the world things of Florida in terms of stereotypes, this study will give you a good laugh.