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Florida Hurricane Season Tax Free Holiday Starts Today

The 2020 hurricane season in Florida has been prefaced by torrential rainstorms, flood warnings, life-threatening rip-currents, and even tornado warnings across the coasts. If you’ve already started making a mental checklist of all the essentials you want to stock up on, you’re in luck. Florida's hurricane season is right around the corner, and a new tax-free “holiday” on hurricane prep supplies starts today — and here are some of the eligible items!

The seven-day sales tax holiday kicks off Friday, May 29, and ends on Thursday, June 4, just in time for the official hurricane season start on June 1.

Eligible items to add to your stock-up list this season includes reusable icepacks under $10, candles, flashlights, and lanterns under $20, gas containers under $25, and batteries and coolers for less than $30.

Additional eligible items selling for $50 or less include bungee cords, ground anchor systems, radios, ratchet straps, tarpaulins, tie-down kits, and waterproof sheeting. Portable generators under $750 are also on the list.

In A FOX 35 report, Scott Shalley, President and CEO of the Florida Retail Federation was quoted expressing his hope that the holiday would also help boost local businesses that suffered during the state-wide shutdown.

The tax bill, totaling $47.7 million, was approved by Governor DeSantis back in March. It included both the $5.6 million disaster-preparation sales tax holiday, as well as a three-day back-to-school tax holiday.

The back-to-school holiday will include school supplies, clothes, as well as computer equipment, and will run for three days, from August 7 through August 9.

Stay safe out there and take advantage of this holiday to plan ahead and cross some items off your list!

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