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With These Temps, Death Valley May Be A Better Place To Celebrate Christmas Than Florida

Orlando is expected to reach it's record set back in 1918!

Florida isn’t called the Sunshine State for nothing, and sometimes that incessant sunshine can put a bit of a damper on seasonal celebrations. It seems Florida’s week-long winter is officially over as temps soar back up to the 80s, and it will actually get hotter than Death Valley this December.

Record temps from years ago are even being reached again. Looks like Death Valley could be a better place to celebrate Christmas than in Florida this year; at least if you consider cooler temps a seasonal must. 

Try as Floridians may to evoke the holiday spirit, the climate is perpetually against them. In the autumn months, temps were climbing higher than average and had Florida feeling more desert than subtropical.

The weather forecast from Fox35 reported Orlando to the hottest city in the U.S. this week at 85 degrees, even topping Miami.

Death Valley has a high of 64 in the afternoons lately, and since some of the lower elevations actually see snow sometimes, it may be more festive in an actual desert than in Florida.

Record highs are being reached all across Florida this week. In 2013, Sanford peaked at 85 degrees and is now being expected to reach that high again.

Orlando’s record high for December was 88 degrees in 1918 and is expected to get close, if not reach, that record again.

With only a 30% chance of isolated showers this week, we Floridians can only hope for some reprieve. But knowing how erratic Florida weather is, it wouldn’t be surprising if ended up with winter rainstorms anyway!

Despite climbing temps, there are still tons of fun ways to celebrate the holidays in Florida this year, like this list of places you can actually see 'snow,' and this list of holiday gifts to get at Universal.

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