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Florida Reopening Salons Barbershops By Appointment Only Starting Monday

Rejoice, Floridians! You can put down the scissors and the shears and never think about cutting your own bangs again.  Governor Ron DeSantis announced on Friday, May 8, that Florida salons and barbershops are opening as a part of his Phase 1 plan. These shops will be reopening their doors starting Monday; however, there are some restrictions in place, including appointment-only services.

While you can finally look forward to taming that quarantine mane, you’ll first need to make an appointment at your local shop. Salons will only be filling to capacity and aren’t allowed to accept drop-ins or group appointments.

Additionally, employees must wear masks while performing services, and allow for 15 minutes between appointments to properly disinfect.

The announcement to reopen has been a long time coming for these nonessential businesses, who were not originally included in the governor's plan. Gyms and yoga studios are still closed at this time, as well as salons in Broward County and Miami-Dade, which was hit hardest by the virus.

DeSantis was quoted in a Local10 report saying that his expansion of Phase 1 was influenced by “data collected by the Florida Department of Health indicates that the State continues to flatten the curve.”

Florida's COVID-19 Data and Surveillance Dashboard currently show the state’s total cases at 40,596, leading to 7,171 hospitalizations and 1721 deaths.

The governor previously mentioned that phase two and three of Florida’s reopening would depend on how successful phase one was.

Further reopenings will be guided by COVID-19 case statistics and the cooperation with local and state health officials.