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This Dreamy Exotic Salt Cave In Florida Is The Ultimate Relaxation Retreat (PHOTOS)

This gives "being salty" a whole new meaning.
Florida Spa Salt Therapy And Grotto In Naples Lets You Lounge In A Dreamy Salt Cave

The soothing scent of salt at the ocean’s edge is enough to calm almost any worry, so it’s no surprise that so many people seek the beach as a form of therapy. But what if you could get the benefits of salt without baking in the hot Florida sun? At this Florida spa tucked away in Naples, halotherapy is a source of calm and relief, set under a moonlight sky where you can relax in peace.

The Salt Therapy Grotto & Spa offers many different ways to take it easy, de-stress, and keep yourself grounded.

Their therapy services include an infrared sauna and red-light therapy — but it's their halotherapy salt caves that will really whisk away your worries.

The caves are offered in two different styles, an adult and children's grotto.

The adult cave features beach lounge chairs where you can kick back, backdropped by a dreamy image of a full moon rising over the ocean and a serene starry sky on the ceiling above. The lights are dimmed to make it that much more relaxing.

The child’s cave features a sunny ocean view, with a tent and sandy bottom for them to play in.

Halotherapy sessions are 50 minutes of zen relaxation, and research suggests that the dry salt inhalation can provide respiratory relief, positively impact skin conditions, as well as help to reduce stress and headaches.

Whether you’re looking to try a new wellness routine or just want to relax under the full moon in an exotic salt cave, the vibe alone makes it worth checking out — we'll take the relaxation retreat as a bonus!

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The Spa’s salt grottos are built out of 10 tons of real salt sourced from 13 places around the world including the Himalayas, The Dead Sea, Poland, Morocco, France, Peru, India, Cyprus, Portugal, Hawaii, Japan, England, and even Jurassic Salt from Utah.

Therapeutic salt caves were first used in Poland at the Wieliczka Salt Mine in 1843. It was discovered by Felix Boczkowski that men who worked in salt mines suffered fewer respiratory problems than those who didn’t.

A regular 50-minute session usually costs $45, but they’re currently running a special for $20!

So what are you waiting for?

Snuggle up under a starry sky, enjoy the ocean view, and breathe in that fresh salty air. After all, you deserve a little rest and relaxation.

Salt Therapy Grotto & Spa

Address: 3443 Pine Ridge Rd. Unit 102, Naples, FL

Why You Need To Go: Relax and unwind in a special salt cave with a beautiful "view" of the night sky or ocean.

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